Children: Agents of Change?

Do you remember when you managed to teach your parents or grandparents how to use the internet, Facebook, an iPad or Excel? Do you remember when you were a kid and you succeeded to get your favorite toy or biscuits at the supermarket, just because you could convince your parents these were the best? It... Continue Reading →


The New Revolution: Building Resilience

Throughout the last few weeks, I have tried to discuss few important topics of our time and how solutions are just waiting at our door step. I would like to close this blog with few more feel good stories, stories of our changing world. Stories where it took only a bunch of passionate people to... Continue Reading →

Reuse, DIY, Be Creative

To continue what I mentioned in my previous posts and how plastic is fantastic, I would like to throw some ideas on how to reduce our plastic consumption, coz that's what we do Greensters! Refuse and recycle is pretty obvious but what about to reuse? How can we reuse some products not to create a... Continue Reading →

Plastic is Fantastic

How fantastic is plastic? No seriously, what would we do without plastic? How Earth would look like without them? Like this? Instead of this? HOOOO How horrible would that be? We all love our food wraps, tooth brushes, plastics knifes and forks, chairs, computers, cars, shoes, pens, straws, shopping bags or our favourite THE plastic... Continue Reading →

Dancing with the Wind

«But way off alone, out by himself beyond boat and shore, Jonathan Livingston Seagull was practising (...) he slowed until the wind was a whisper in his face, until the ocean stood still beneath  him. (...) He was flying now straight down, at two hundred fourteen miles per hour. He swallowed, knowing that if his... Continue Reading →

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