My friends say I am a hippie others say I am a dreamer, but I am probably a greenster. My name is Bérénice and I have been traveling our beautiful world for about 12 years. When I wasn’t traveling I was teaching scuba diving between South East Asia, Egypt and Australia. I decided to change my life few years ago and became a marine scientists. I am now starting a journey to link my passions, filming the beauty of nature, and making science accessible to the world.

This blog is for me a way to introduce my readers to a different view on how we can re-think the way we live. From climate change to renewable energies or sustainable agriculture and more, I would like to create a feel-good story where we are all the protagonists of a changing world, and where alternatives are ready to be used. If you question the world around you, you want to make a change but you don’t know how, I hope « How to Become a Greenster » will help you develop the green side of you.

Happy readings !!!


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